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Locating and providing the most suitable dog

Service dogs are trained professionals considered the elite of all types of guide dogs.

Only 4 out of 10 service dogs typically make it successfully through their professional training. Select puppies are imported from abroad, each costing 8000 NIS (with the import costs alone totaling 80,000 NIS).  The dogs are cared for, raised, fed, and trained, each component weighing heavily on the cost of each animal.

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Raising puppies under foster conditions and daily training sessions

After purchasing puppies designated for the training process, they are raised in special conditions in designated foster homes for one year. From the age of 12 months, and continuing over a period of the next 12 to 18 months, the young dogs undertake a specific training program, which includes a daily training session of 1.5 hours with a certified dog trainer. Training expenses total 24,000 NIS for an average training period of 10 months, in addition to 5,000 NIS needed for their food and veterinary care.

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Successfully completing the training course

Typically only 4 out of 10 dogs complete the intensive training process. Each dog requires an investment of 37,000 NIS (some costs are covered by volunteers), totaling 370,000 NIS for 10 dogs. Basic accounting demonstrates that the direct costs of one service dog is 92,500 NIS. We are able to reduce those costs to only NIS 70,000 per service dog.  But we need your help.

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