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Our first class: meet Shai, Ophir and Eitan

Our Shai

Shai, 47, is a Major in the IDF Reserves. He is married for the second time, a father of seven, and grandfather of two. He is forced to cope with trauma as a result of his long-term military service, during which time he held various positions. When he could no longer explain the sights and screams he heard at night, and the bouts of crying to his commanders, Shai recognized the fact that he’d been damaged by his experiences. But he is a fighter. After staying at home for five years and suffering severe attacks, he was forced to leave the house because of his son’s illness. He has since begun his journey toward rehabilitation, helping others who suffer from his condition. Shai is waiting for a service dog to dispel the loneliness and the pain, to alert the people around him when an attack is imminent, to calm him, and to provide companionship and the basic confidence to leave the house again. Please help by donating for Shai’s service dog.

Our Eitan

Eitan will be six years old on December 12. He is an energetic and loving child who was diagnosed with Autism at just over two years old. Eitan doesn’t speak and his mother Olga has never heard him call her “Mom”. She is filled with optimism, however, and has faith in her son and his abilities. Eitan is a curious child who wants to learn and play with his friends despite his communication difficultries. He is addicted to the song “Todo Bom” and YouTube videos, just like any other child his age, and at the same time he invests countless hours each week in learning and progressing as much as possible. Eitan is waiting for a service dog to provide him with assistance and companionship, and provide him with the confidence to make significant progress. Please help by donating for Eitan’s service dog.

Our Ofir

Ofir is 25 years old and was severely injured in the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict (Operation Protective Edge). After a number of days close to death, he remained unconscious for nearly one year. His family and friends did not leave his side for a moment, nor stop believing in him. Ofir returned to consciousness and has since been in a long and arduous rehabilitation process. He remains in a wheelchair and is waiting for a service dog to help him maneuver the chair and press the light switch, to be a loyal friend and call for help when necessary. It’s now our turn to enlist for Ofir. Please help by donating for Ofir’s service dog.